The leading disability powerchairs in Melbourne are available at Urgoform

Q100 R Rear-Wheel Powered Wheelchair

Are you an individual with a disability that would thrive with a piece of equipment that could assist you with moving around in a much easier manner?

Then do not look past our huge range of amazing disability power chairs here in Melbourne at Urgoform, fit to assist you with specialized care and mobility.

When it comes to finding a powered wheelchair in Melbourne there is nowhere better to get fitted out than Urgoform with our wide range of different chairs able to provide solutions for people with vastly different needs.

As a brand born from over 15 years of healthcare industry experience, we are on a mission to bring people the uncompromising quality and dependability they deserve in advanced medical products. Our team has access to excellent suppliers, progressive technologies, whilst also upholding a commitment to assisting every single person with their advanced medical needs.

Here at Urgoform, we have access to the most progressive disability-powered wheelchairs and offer a wide range of options for people with varying needs.

In the powered wheelchair division of our business, we offer products such as the Light Drive2 Plus (a combination of a manual wheelchair and an electric power add-on designed for users weighing over 130kg) to supremely comfortable and versatile options such as the QUICKIE Q700 M. All options in our fleet are easy to manoeuvre, provide personalized care and can be tailored for your needs.

In terms of tailoring the chair to your needs, we are pleased to offer completely customized seating that we specialize in, providing you with the overall comfort that you deserve. It is ever so important to have a chair that is comfortable and tailored to your needs so that you can conquer daily activities with ease.

With a powered chair, you can now contemplate climbing steep slopes, riding over grass, or traveling on gravel paths and be able to move about as you like. Whilst feel more secure and reducing driving fatigue, our wide range of powered chair options in Melbourne can help you conquer life!

So what are you waiting for! Give us a call today at Urgoform and let us tailor a powered wheelchair to your needs in Melbourne today!

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