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Our range of patient lifting slings for Geelong clients

Patient lifting slings

Patient lifting slings play a key role in keeping people safe and comfortable during transfers in a range of settings including homes and hospitals. Whether patients are moving from a bed to a shower, toilet or wheel chair, Urgoform has a range of high-quality equipment that allows for a dignified, respectful move where safety is […]

The benefits of premium patient handling equipment

Patient Handling

Premium patient handling equipment is vital in having a safe platform to handle and move a patient, providing them with the best care that can be provided. At Urgoform, the team have been providing top notch service with over 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry. In bringing people the highest uncompromising quality and […]

Looking for a powered chair with special seating in Geelong?

Powered chair with special seating in Geelong

If you are on the hunt for a powered chair with special seating in Geelong, then Urgoform has you covered. Finding the perfect power chair, whether it is for a child or an adult, can be confronting. There are so many factors to consider. What special features do you need? What environment will the chair […]

High quality special needs walkers for patients of all ages

Urgoform provide premium special needs walkers to assist the livelihood and physical development of patients suffering from a disability. When it comes to the quality of life of someone with special needs, it is essential that they have access to functional assistive devices that fulfil their individual requirements. Our range at Urgoform is broad and […]

Find wheelchairs for Children with disabilities at Urgoform Move in Geelong

If you are a parent with a child that has a disability, you will understand that having high quality equipment that supports their individual needs and improves their quality of life is absolutely vital. We at Urgoform Move pride ourselves on offering such equipment, including highly specialised wheelchairs for children with disabilities in Geelong and […]