Highly Specialized Disability Equipment for Hire in Geelong

Highly Specialized Disability Equipment for Hire in Geelong

At Urgoform, our mission is to enhance the quality of life of those struggling with severe disabilities by offering highly specialised disability equipment and assistive technology for both hire and purchase in Geelong, which enable the disabled to live the best life they can with independence and fulfilment. Our understanding of the needs and barriers […]

Choosing The Right Medical Bed For Your Home

Medical Beds for Home - Urgoform Move

When a specialised bed is required in the home setting, you want a solution that will provide the client the support and care that they need, while being aesthetically pleasing. Our collection of homecare medical bed products allows you to do just that. Urgoform offers three key bed options from the iCare range, available in […]

The Importance of Pressure Mapping

Pressure Mapping

Pressure mapping is an essential tool for complex seating evaluation and scripting. It provides information that a patient often can’t provide regarding the pressure distribution of their seating surface when seated in their current chair. Identifying pressure points or areas through mapping can be vital in the identification and control of issues such as persistent […]


Zippie Zone Paediatric Wheelchair

Welcome to our new website and blog! As Australia’s newest provider of assistive technology, we constantly strive to fulfill our conviction that Getting it Right Matters.™, and your digital experience with us is no exception. So we’re committed to ensuring our website can be used as an efficient tool to help you find the equipment […]