What our Valued Clients say…

My client has a new lease of life! Doing things like driving the car without removing a splint has really changed his life. He now looks forward to wearing his brace to functions, etc. to show everyone how much he has improved.

It is so exciting to see how something small can have such a significant impact in someone’s life. He is wrapped with his brace!! [AM-OSS-21/CCA


Physiotherapist, Geelong

I am so grateful that you went out of your way yesterday to come over for Jasper. It would have to be one of the simplest transactions we have ever been involved in. Thank you for making the sale so easy!

Jasper has been wearing the splints [AM-OSN-U-01] today and is doing great with them. First day we have had in so long that he hasn’t ended up with bloody hands from the movements!


The Urgoform Boa Foot Drop Brace has significantly assisted with my ability to walk. The brace is very easy to put on and makes walking and driving a car much less of a challenge. It is comfortable to wear and encourages natural movement of my foot.

A wonderful invention for which I am most grateful!



An absolutely fantastic brace [4ARMY-SK-07] with superior features and comfort. The BEST!


G’day everyone. 

We are very happy with the AM-TL-01 elbow immobilizers/arm wraps we bought from Urgoform.

Our physiotherapist suggested us this company and we trust her that she knows the best people in Melbourne. 

The arm wraps are very good quality, soft on skin (the lining is made of cotton so it can be applied on the sleeve or directly on the arm) while the 3 metal stays inside make them very supportive. They are also very adjustable allowing them to fit a slim or chubby arm.

My daughter (3.8 years old) uses the wraps when supporting herself while sitting, otherwise the elbow gives up and she falls; this means she can sit longer and play with the other arm. She’s also wearing them as well when she practices crawling – they are very supportive for this. 

For such good quality they are also not expensive at all. The previous ones we used weren’t so good and we paid double the amount!

We are very happy with our purchase from Urgoform, 

Thank you.


Excellent product. Just as promised – 4ARMY-SL-02 

Walter N M.

Dear Urgoform,

A note to report on your product you supplied for a broken rib. I fell down a flight of stairs and I was afraid to breathe because of the pain. I strapped your ‘AM-TX-02’ brace hard on from the minute you supplied it. It worked a miracle; I could immediately breathe and even cough without pain.

Thank you so much.


Thank you very much for the wrist splints! My client absolutely LOVES them. They have made a huge difference in his symptomatic night pain, and due to their ease and comfort he is now compliantly wearing them every night! Brilliant result!

Sarah L.


Kruz is wearing his new Urgoform Kids wrist brace [EB-N-01]. One of the best well made item I have come across so far. Washes really well, breathable and easy to get on and off for maximum support.

Kruz’s dystonia in is left hand/arm is making his hand turn so much he can’t keep it straight and his grip is weak. Once the brace goes on his grip is great – can hold onto something for ages and he can accurately use it more successfully as he isn’t fighting the dystonia.

I Highly recommend this company for adults and children, but I especially recommend their paediatric range. These items are any type of brace from trunk, knees, ankles to arms and wrists. They are designed for many needs and people not people with disabilities only.


Care for Kruz

My wife tore her calf muscle and the physio advised to use a cold compression brace….Urgoform provided us with an excellent Thermal Braces TB-05 product which meant my wife was able to move around freely whilst maintaining the cold/compression therapy on the damaged muscle. The crushed ice bag moulded perfectly around the limb providing even treatment. Thank you Urgoform!