Universal Thorax Belt | AM-TX-02

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The AM-TX-02 Universal Thorax Belt is specially designed for immediate use after chest surgery to facilitate effective breathing and to minimise pain.


The AM-TX-02 thorax belt is of great assistance after chest surgery as it stabilises the rib cage and the sternum and protects against potential post-operative injuries caused by coughing. Patients tend to take only shallow breaths which can result in fluid around the lungs. This belt aids deep breaths which are very important in order to enhance circulation and gaseous exchange in the lungs. At the front of the belt is a system of stabilizing orthopaedic stays and an aluminium splint. Non-elastic construction, firm polyamide buckles and stable frontal fastening ensure maximum support.

The belt is made of skin-friendly AirDistance II, durable elastic lamination consisting of three layers –  an external self-gripping polyamide layer, an off-loading EVA foam core and a polyamide spacer lining.  Hard components can be attached directly to the outer surface, and the internal spacer layer provides high air permeability and minimal water and moisture absorption.


  • Breastbone (sternum) and ribs fractures
  • After cardiac surgery

Size Guide

Size Chest circumference How to measure
Universal 70-130 cm How to measure

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