Children’s Open Forearm and Wrist Support | AM-OSN-U-01 | Kids

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The AM-OSN-U-01 | Kids open forearm and hand support provides a high level of stabilisation for the wrist and radiocarpal joint for the treatment of wrist joint injuries or conditions.

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The AM-OSN-U-01 wrist brace has an open design to allow easy donning while allowing adjustment for different wrist anatomies. A malleable, anatomically shaped aluminium wrist splint provides maximum stability, and a soft elastic pad in the Distal Palmar area ensures user comfort.

The brace is made of innovative AirSanmed material, a non-elastic tri-layered perforated medical laminate. The perforated external membrane has the antibacterial properties of Silver Zeolite, the core is semi-rigid EVA foam, and the liner is a breathable cotton terry fabric. AirSanmed dissipates moisture and provides excellent stabilisation.


  • Wrist fractures
  • Wrist sprain/strain
  • Wrist dislocation
  • Wrist inflammation
  • Overused wrist joint
  • Joint capsule injury
  • Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex (TFCC) injury
  • Stress fracture

Size Guide

Size Wrist circumference Suitable for ages How to Measure
1 9 – 11 cm 2 – 6 years
2 11.5 – 13 cm 6 – 12 years

Left/Right side available

Total length:
1: 16 cm
2: 19 cm


Additional information


1, 2


Left, Right


Upper Limb




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