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The AM-ASS-OS carbon fibre foot drop orthosis is the ideal solution for patients suffering from neurological deficits and muscle weaknesses that cause plantar flexion of the foot and ankle (foot drop). The appliance supports normal walking function for daily activities.

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The AM-ASS-OS foot drop orthosis is an extremely lightweight and durable AFO designed with the same advanced materials that have revolutionized the aviation, auto and boat racing industries. Each unit is vacuum moulded to orthopedic specifications with carbon fibre weave, Kevlar fibers, advanced resins and highly durable gelcoats. Combining the strength and flexibility of carbon fibre and the durability of Kevlar provides maximum strength and durability.

Patients suffering from reduced dorsal flexion capacity will compensate for the deficit by raising the hip (hip hike) which could result in various injuries to the hip, knee, back and other parts of the body. The orthosis lifts the foot and transfers the impact from the ground to the upper parts of the shin bone, absorbing kinetic energy which then is released to assist the patient’s next step.


  • PERFECT STABILISATION – protects the foot from inside and outside dislocation.
  • COMFORT OF USE – fits the patient’s leg neatly thanks to fastening belts and front padding.
  • EASE OF USE – can be worn with shoes and under trousers.
  • LOW WEIGHT –  is constructed of light-weight flexible materials.
  • HYGIENE – easy to put on and take off and therefore does not impede the wearer’s personal hygiene.


  • Paresis of lower limbs
  • Paresis of feet
  • Healing process after dislocation
  • After surgery and during rehabilitation.
  • Rehabilitation after minor partial amputations

Size Guide

Size Foot length How to measure
S 22-23.5 cm
How to measure
M 24-25.5 cm
L 26-27.5 cm
XL 28-29.5 cm

Left/right side available.


Optional Equipment

T-strap for ankle and foot AFO PLUS

T-strap for ankle and foot AFO PLUS

Additional information


Left, Right


S, M, L, XL






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