Anatomic Forearm and Elbow Brace | 4ARMY-SL-02

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The 4ARMY-SL-02 Anatomic Forearm and Elbow Brace provides excellent compression and increases blood circulation around the elbow joint and forearm. Extremely durable materials make the brace perfectly suited to the most demanding conditions.

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The 4ARMY-SL-02 elbow and forearm compression brace is an anatomically-shaped device made of a durable textile called ACTIV PREN, which is a high-strength soft and elastic material formed out of perforated neoprene foam as part of its Air Supply System and is highly breathable, with a polyamide outer layer in moro camouflage. The material provides excellent support and the perforations allow the skin to breathe. The inner surface is not knitted, reducing the risk of uneven pressure points or sores on the skin when the brace is worn.

The brace is secured by a double-layered strap which provides added protection.


  • Elbow stress and strain
  • Forearm and elbow muscle stress and inflammation
  • Elbow dislocation
  • UCL (ulnar collateral ligament) injury

Size Guide

Size Arm cirumference 6 cm above the elbow pit (A) Forearm cicumference 6 cm below the elbow pit (B) How to measure
S 26-27 cm 24-25 cm How to measure
M 27-28 cm 25-26 cm
L 28-30 cm 26-28 cm
XL 30-32 cm 28-30 cm
XXL 32-35 cm 30-33 cm

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S, M, L, XL, XXL






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